Location, location, location: How to tap into local areas anywhere in the UK

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One of the great things about the faithful 02 and 01 numbers is that they create the illusion of subversion. Not subversion in the spying sense of things, but in the business sense – they allow you to tap into markets that would normally be out of your reach, such as national markets.

01 and 02 phone numbers are good options for your business if you’re looking to implement a new growth strategy or improve the relationship with your customers in new areas. Take a read below to find out more about the geographical number in all its glory and what it can do for your business.

It’s time to get a geographical 01 number 

Geographical numbers remove the applied area code on your number, allowing your business to possess nationwide numbers catering to your singular regional based office or other offices around the country. For example, let’s say your business operates out of Newcastle and you’re looking to appeal to customers or clients throughout the country. Letting your customers know you’re in Newcastle may stifle you; they may assume you’re not up for business further afield. The 01 and 02 number allows customers and clients to contact your offices without knowing your regional location and allows you to tap into local customer bases.  

What are the benefits? 

The benefits of the geographic number are multiple. Firstly, they benefit your customers and provide them with a cost-efficient and time-efficient level of customer service where they’re only required to need one number to get in touch with you. Secondly, a non-geographic location creates the illusion that you’re a national business, doing business on a wide level, rather than limited to just your region. This adds that certain level of authority within your industry and an element of trust for new clients or customers. Don’t ask about the psychology behind this, it’s simply just human nature. 

Why does location matter? 

In the grand scheme of things, location really shouldn’t matter. However, capital cities exist for a reason and part of that is to create a national hub of industry and business for a certain country. That means that if you’re trading in a region with not a great deal of business, you’re going to miss out compared to your rivals who operate in major cities. The geographical 01 and 02 number bypasses the location part of your business plan and shows prospective customers, clients, and shareholders that you’re open to national trade rather than being closed off within your region by creating the illusion that your based in their locality. Often, customers won’t answer the call if it seems like an unrecognized area code. 

Hopefully this article has provided a little bit of insight into the benefits of purchasing an 02 and 01 number for your business. While you may assume a geographic number to be an unnecessary expense, you’d be surprised at the benefit it can have in changing the public opinion of your business and when considered as a strategy for growth or expansion. There are many new methods of selling your products and optimising your sales techniques and customer service, so don’t stay in the past, embrace technology, and everything else the future holds. 

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