How to Pack for the Upcoming Holiday

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Most people tend to when they take off for a vacation.  It’s common to see travellers at the airport counter desperately trying to cast off items to get their suitcase within the 50-pound weight limit. Some will even toss articles of clothing into the trash or wear multiple sweaters.  


When asked how much of the items they pack were actually used on their most recent trip, respondents said they had overpacked and did so routinely.  So how do you determine the amount of clothing and items to bring on an overnight stay versus a 14-day trip to Paris? As you might expect, there are apps for that.  And many people have saved time and their sanity by putting them to use.  In one case, a trip abroad would have been ruined had the app not set off an alarm that an item on the packing list had been overlooked.  When the list was checked, the situation was corrected, and the happy traveler set off with his passport securely tucked away.  


Packing light usually means taking a few tees and your favorite True Religion jeans.  Items such as medicine, reading material, jewelry, chargers, toiletries and the like can be programmed into an app, but packing your well-loved hoodies and sneaks is a no-brainer. If it’s time for a wardrobe update, check out Groupon then head over to True Religion to see what’s hot for this coming season.  Looking at their site is almost as good as putting together a list.  They have all the apparel and accessories you’ll need on your trip, and you’ll get them at such discounts, you can buy some now and wear some later.  Or you can give the gift of True Religion apparel to those on your list.  If there’s not enough room in your suitcase to bring the gifts with you, you can always purchase a handy gift card or have them shipped for free with a qualifying purchase.  They have stores everywhere and codes that are good online or at the counter.

Don’t be the guy holding up the line at the check-in counter at the airport this thanksgiving.  People have places to go and see in Istanbul, Turkey and amazing food to eat. Make your list and check it twice or use a handy packing app so you don’t take off without your essentials.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen
Hi! My name is Jess, a fun loving person who love to travel a lot. I am working with Megrisoft Limited UK as blogger who loves to pen down for business, music, travel, technology, finance and entertainment industry.


  1. Holiday means relaxation & before going to trip, packing is an essential need. Fill your backpack with the absolute essentials only, taking useless things will just contribute to extending your burden.

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