Protect Your Business with these Top Tips

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Cybercriminals will happily target both large and small business . Companies must, therefore, ensure they are prepared for such attacks by protecting their infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated hacking tactics. Find out how to protect your business with these top tips.

Implement a Cybersecurity Policy

Human error is often the biggest threat to your business. That’s because it only takes one employee to deliberately or unwittingly click on a harmful link or download a malicious file, which will allow a cybercriminal to gain access to your data and network.

Ensure company accounts are not vulnerable by implementing a cybersecurity policy, which will require all members of staff to adhere to strict internal regulations. For example, you should ensure all members of staff regularly change an eight-character password. You should also prevent members of staff from downloading and sharing sensitive files outside of the network without authorization.

Security Training

Not only must you introduce a cybersecurity policy across the organization, but you must also provide thorough training on good security practices. Implement refresher training courses every year to reiterate the importance of onsite security. Also, ensure you conduct employee background checks to confirm you are hiring a trustworthy member of staff. Security training should include simulated phishing attacks that could help staff recognize malicious emails from normal ones.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software can quickly and easily detect computer programs that have been designed to infiltrate, steal or damage a computer. For example, cybercriminals commonly use viruses or trojans to perform most data breaches, which are often sent via suspicious emails, spam messages or pop-ups. Once they have infiltrated your computer, they can capture your login information and monitor your keystrokes, or they can both infect and lock your computer. For this reason, install and regularly update your antivirus software to protect your computer.

A Cloud Access Security Broker

Business of all sizes have turned to cloud computing services for the effective management and storage of their data as well as compute resources. Yet, no cloud software is 100% secure because cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and the customer. While the cloud service provider takes responsibility for security “OF” the cloud, the customer is held responsible for security “IN” the cloud. For example, while the cloud provider ensures that their technology is protected against intrusions, the customer must ensure that user credentials aren’t lost or stolen, and their system is protected against a compromised account.

Most organizations turn to cloud access security brokers (CASB) to meet their end of the cloud security responsibility. A reputable cloud access security broker can provide four pillars of protection: visibility, compliance, data security and threat protection. Choose between an on-premises or cloud-hosted software for the enforcement of data-centric security, greater access control, the immediate detection of threats, and an improved insight into user activities.

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  1. In this business era, cyber-security is must for protecting all your data & programs from damage or from unauthorized access by cyber-criminals. Thanks, Austin, for providing this great info. in an excellent way.

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