Simple Ideas to Make the Most of Family Time


Family time may be something that’s in short supply in your home – if so you need to make a change. There are small things you can do to inject a little more family time into your home and ensure every member is getting the attention they deserve. We’ve got seven tips below.

Cook Together

If you find yourself bustling off to the kitchen whilst the rest of the family lounge in front of the TV, then why not take them with you. Dinnertime can be a fantastic time for family time and you can all get involved in cooking the food, chopping the ingredients and laying the table. You can have a chat with each member of your family and enjoy the quality time whilst also getting something done.

Make a Date

Make a date, not just with your partner, but with the whole family. If you can make time for date night with your significant other, then you can do the same for your family. Put it in your diary and dedicate a day or evening to family bonding through an event or simply at home enjoying each other’s time.

Tech Off

Turn off tech! An hour a day free of TV, consoles, and smartphones could be enough to truly bond. Chances are this time will get longer and longer and you’ll soon not be missing technology at all. It might be a step too far to sell the family laptop, however!

Talk in the Car

Chances are you and your family spend a lot of time driving and to and fro and this is the time that can be utilized. Pick a topic or have a general chat. Instead of focusing on the radio or your favorite CD, focus on conversation with your loved ones. Even if it’s only five minutes it can make a difference.

Take a Walk

Rather than driving on the school run why not take a walk? If you’ve got younger children they’ll appreciate the time with you and the exercise. Even a simple chat as you stroll along can make all the difference to your family bonds. It may take a little longer but you’ll feel better for it.

Tuck them in

You should never underestimate the joy of tucking your children in at night. Bedtime can be the busiest time of the day with teeth to clean, baths to have and pajamas to find. Rather than rushing your way through a story and then storming down the stairs, enjoy this quiet time. Give them a few minutes to chat after story time and get to know them. Even if it’s only ten interrupted minutes it can have a huge impact on your closeness.

Plan a Vacation

Involving your whole family in big decisions really helps with bonding. Plan a holiday but consult all family members and come to a joint decision. Involving your whole family in the planning process is great fun and helps you learn more about your children’s likes and dislikes.

Family time doesn’t have to be drawn out hours of discussion, it can be five minutes that make the difference.


  1. jainnie
    Thanks for sharing these ideas, we have been looking at preparing for our future recently so this is handy advice.
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    Very informative post will really follow your suggestions to spend quality family time. Thank you for sharing.