Tips to Prepare the House for Painting

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For eons painting the house has been considered the most essential aspect of a well-maintained house. Painting the house not only helps you keep your house free from dust, dirt, and weather damage but also increases its overall value. Every house has a story to tell, and a coat of fresh paint adds a refreshing angle to it! Painting the interiors always begins with finalizing a contractor who understands your needs and guides you with picking the right color, texture, and painting design. However, there is more to it, one needs to pay attention to finer fundamental details even before putting a finger on the dream wall paint design. Following are some tips to keep in mind while you prepare the house for a new lick of paint.

  1. PICK THE RIGHT SEASON – Yes! You read that correctly, it’s vital that you keep the climatic condition in mind while you plan on this big event. Initiating the painting activity during the rainy season can not only leave your wall paint damp but even your spirits! It’s best advised to pick a sunny bright day to start this activity.
  2. SECURE YOUR FURNITURE – Before you could start the painting activity, try to relocate your furniture to a safer location like a storage house, garage, or even the corridor. Asking your painting services to work around the furniture may sound tempting, but by doing that you are risking color accidents. If you are yet to move in, then it’s the best time to get the walls painted while it’s empty. But if you don’t have a choice and can’t relocate your furniture, then ensure to secure it with a thick plastic sheet.
  3. CREATE A WORKSTATION – Corden off a small area in your house where you can stock up all the paint tubs and painting tools. This reduces the last-minute running around to find the necessary items. So, if your painting services want an old rag or water tub, you know exactly where to head to!
  4. TAKE A SWATCH TEST – Before you take the leap of faith to change the entire wall color or wall paint design, it’s best advised to first run a small sample strip on the selected area of the wall to check the color effectiveness. Sample pots of color and design shades are easily available in the market these days to serve this purpose. Often the second coating of the paint makes a difference in the look. Analyze, compare, decide, and then proceed.
  5. PROTECT THE FLOOR – This is by far the most important preparation that one needs to plan before the painting activity kicks in. Removing the dried-up paint stains from the floor is the most tedious task. Timely and correct preparation, like covering the entire floor with canvas drop sheets will help you save a lot of time and energy for the post clean up activity.
  6. INSPECT FOR DAMAGES – Inspect thoroughly for any damaged walls or flaking walls beforehand so that the necessary plastering and scraping can be done. This will help you to get a smoother finish and long-lasting results.

Above simple yet crucial tips coupled with reliable contractors will give you the best-looking interiors! Happy Painting!

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