What are different types of doors ?

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Think a door is just a door? Think again!

From majestic portals to sliding secrets, doors whisper tales of function and flair. Swing wide, pocket away, or accordion fold into unexpected spaces. Discover a world beyond hinges and knobs, where doors dance, disappear, and defy definition.

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There are various types of doors, each designed for specific purposes and aesthetics. Here are some common types of doors:

  1. Panel Doors: Panel doors are the most common type of interior doors. They consist of a frame with panels inserted in it. The panels can be made of wood, glass, or other materials.
  2. Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are designed to slide horizontally along a track. They are often used for closets, patio entrances, or room dividers. They save space compared to traditional hinged doors.
  3. French Doors: French doors are made of a frame with glass panels. They usually come in pairs and swing open from the centre. French doors are popular for interior and exterior use, allowing natural light to pass through.
  4. Dutch Doors: Dutch doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top half to open independently of the bottom. They are commonly used in kitchens and nurseries, providing ventilation while keeping pets or children contained.
  5. Folding Doors: Folding doors, also known as accordion doors, consist of multiple panels hinged together. They fold back to create an open space when not in use. Folding doors are often utilized in closets, room dividers, and large openings.
  6. Pocket Doors: Pocket doors slide into a recessed pocket within the wall, creating an unobstructed opening. They are ideal for areas with limited space where a swinging door would be impractical.
  7. Barn Doors: Barn doors are rustic-style doors that slide on a track, typically mounted on the exterior of the wall. They are characterized by their large size and often used in farmhouse-style or contemporary interiors.
  8. Pivot Doors: Pivot doors rotate on a pivot hinge, allowing them to swing open in both directions. They provide a unique and modern look and are commonly used in large entryways or commercial buildings.
  9. Revolving Doors: Revolving doors consist of multiple panels that rotate around a central axis. They are commonly found in high-traffic areas of commercial buildings, providing an energy-efficient solution by minimizing drafts.
  10. Glass Doors: Glass doors can be made of fully transparent or translucent glass, allowing light to pass through and providing visibility. They are commonly used in offices, storefronts, and interior spaces where natural light is desired.

These are just a few examples of the many types of doors available. The selection of a particular door type depends on factors such as functionality, aesthetics, space availability, and personal preference.


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