Choosing The Right Door Knob For Your Home

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The phrase “First impression is the last impression” makes great sense here. Before a visitor crosses the threshold of your beautifully decorated home, the very first thing that can help predict the overall décor of your house is the door knob to the main entrance. Choosing the right door knob can be a daunting task in the beginning but once you frame an outline of the points to consider while making the choice, the process will appear smooth.

# Step 1: Clarify the purpose

Identifying the true purpose for which you are seeking a door knob is quite important. Broadly classifying, there can be two main types of knobs required- one without lock for the common areas and one with lock for bedrooms and other private areas.

# Step 2: Determine the perfect shape

The traditional narrow shape of knobs has long gone and now, the new fashion is trending in with circular, hexagonal and various other impressive designs. The overall appeal of the room, especially the way it is decorated is quite an important factor to consider while choosing the knob. A house that holds an elegant look should go with the classy shapes while the one with vibrant colors and depicting an energetic look can be clubbed with something trendy.

# Step 3: Give a personal touch

Don’t run hard on copying some idea that you have seen at a hotel or restaurant. Make sure you consider the look of your doors, the wall paint and the overall appearance of the room before choosing your door knob.

# Step 4: Consider all options

Door knobs are available in unimaginably exquisite styles including that of glass, metal and wood. Avoid sticking into the traditional looks and try out something new. Go through the latest portfolios and see which one can best fit the overall look of the place where you are planning to place this knob.

# Step 5: Lighting Options

The combination of room light and door knobs has a deeply entangled mystery. Yellow or golden light usually appears well with the golden door knobs while some metallic finish can also work well. White light and the metal look get along well together. It is recommended to go through a series of mix and match samples before making the final choice.

# Step 6: Be Consistent

It often happens that some parts of your home may be devoid of the high-quality door knobs that you plan for the other important areas. While making the choice for these doors, make sure you pick up the ones that match the color and style of the others. This depicts consistency of choice and thus makes it difficult to distinguish between the two types thereby giving your place an even appearance.

Following the aforementioned steps, the process of making the choice of door knobs can be made quite easy. Besides, you can open your mind to a vast space of ideas and give your place a modern and graceful look.

Jess Allen
Jess Allen
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