Why Lip Fillers & How

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Instagram pictures of influencers, bloggers, celebrities and self-declared models can have many things in common. Apart from highlights, hairdos, filters and makeup, a noticeable trait could be plump and full lips. You could call it peer pressure or a general trend, but lip augmentation has caught on since a few years now and is being sought after by many. It’s easy to just look up ‘lip fillers clinic in London’ and be on your merry way to get those luscious lips you’ve been vying for. But it’s also as important to understand that as a cosmetic procedure it has its own real concerns and care associated. Before you take a dive into the deep end, go through the article to understand more of what you’re getting into.

Considering lip augmentation, there are temporary and permanent fillers. Most would rather choose the way of temporary ones since the process involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler. This compound is naturally found in the human body and can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. This makes it an ideal hydrating agent that results in plumper lips. Over time, however, it is absorbed by the body and a second session will be required to get those fuller lips back if you want. Choosing a more permanent or semi-permanent option will leave little room for choice afterwards, as the option suggests. If you didn’t like the look for any reason, you’re stuck there.

In case a temporary filler is used, and you don’t like the results you get, it is very possible to remove the fillers as well. The doctor can inject an enzyme called hyaluronidase that accelerates the breakdown rate of the previously injected fillers. However, the process can hurt quite a bit. Mostly, the results are instant, but it could take a few days to recover from the swelling.

If you are thinking about how a filler would look on you or if it would be suitable, the best option is to consult a doctor. Every doctor has a specific formula or technique that they use. Based on that, they make changes to the lift and the volume of the lips. How clearly you can convey your ideas about fuller lips and how your doctor interprets and understands them is key to getting a successful and satisfactory procedure done.

Before deciding on where to go for your lip augmentation procedure, there are a few necessary things to keep in mind –

  • A good doctor can make a world of difference in the procedure
  • Always check photos of previous procedures or staff that have undergone the same
  • This process is done in sessions at times to achieve the best results
  • It is a slightly invasive procedure, so swelling, pain, a bit of bleeding is not uncommon
  • Temporary fillers last around 5-6 months but can stay for longer or shorter periods for many people
  • After the fillers break down, you might be left with slightly fuller lips, they won’t go back to the normal state completely

The one last thing to remember, until at least 24 hours after getting a  procedure done, try to avoid exercises or workouts that could increase blood flow to your face, if you don’t want to look like a duck.

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
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