15 Inventions That The Public Wants But Which Haven’t Yet Been Made

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What is something that people want but hasn’t been made yet?

We asked professionals, business leaders, and people who have a lot of ideas what their best ideas were. This will help you figure out what Inventions people want that haven’t been made yet. There are many interesting ideas that many people think would be very helpful to society if they were ever made. These include anti-fog glasses, antibiotic alternatives, and machines that can heal broken hearts.

  • Anti-Fog Glasses

While it may not seem like much, many people wished anti-fogging glasses had been invented because of the mask regulations that accompanied the pandemic. The need for pandemic masks made a little annoyance that used to be merely a nuisance on chilly days when the heat from your breath would make it difficult to see through the haze on your glasses. Who wouldn’t want a set of glasses that never fog in the first place rather than having to take them off to wipe them with the bottom part of your shirt when they do? We are still waiting for the day when we can wear a mask or venture outside into the cold without needing to take five-minute de-fogging breaks. It seems like something like this would have been developed by now.

  • Rain Cloud Buster

A terrific innovation that people want but haven’t been created to solve the problem of drought caused by global warming wrecking havoc on many areas would be a cloudbuster. For many years, scientists have tried to change the climate in the hopes of causing storms to water crops and give individuals who are experiencing drought-like circumstances some respite. Despite numerous attempts, and some very limited success with techniques like cloud seeding, no technology has been developed that has successfully produced storms that might affect such arid circumstances. Though as of right now the public is still left hungry and waiting, it has not deterred people from trying to create a cloudbusting gadget.

  • Electronic Dream Recorder

Though it might seem unfeasible to you right now, this might actually happen. Dreams do come true, and occasionally we have thoughts while we sleep. Things tend to escape our minds the next day, hence there ought to be a gadget that can remember them. When you keep trying to come up with a solution, some thoughts do arrive to you; this is like making notes on your dreams.

  • Contextual Translation of All Languages

Translations across many languages in real time. People have imagined a future in which they may speak their native tongue and have someone else hear those words in real time, ever since the first Star Trek episodes. When this technology comes to pass, it will be one of the biggest advancements in international cooperation and worldwide communication. It isn’t as far off as you might imagine. I am certain that I will be among their first clients.

  • The Inkless Printer

An environmentally friendly printer that prints using coffee grounds instead of ink. When offices print a lot of papers, changing the ink takes time and money. Wouldn’t it be great to have a printer that runs on stuff we would otherwise throw away? As most companies brew coffee all day every day, coffee grounds would be the ideal option. Both win!

  • An electronic watch with Disease Detection

To be honest, most people find going to the doctor to be a stressful event. Beyond that, appointments and exams are expensive. Heart rate and even sleep cycle monitoring has been made easier with smartwatches. But the feature that would detect diseases is what we really need. People will save money on back-and-forth appointments with this technology or update. The potential to buy us more time to spend with our loved ones while we receive the necessary therapy in time before situations worsen will be what will be most important.

  • Translator of Animal-Human Language and Behaviour

If everyone had access to wearable technology, such as an animal-human translator that could convert animal behavior and language into human speech and vice versa, I would be overjoyed. Despite the fact that some very large tech companies have created an animal translator, it is by no means the only tool needed to create effective two-way communication with animals, especially wild and extinct species.

As of the now, animal translators just optimize sounds. Animal behaviors, such as when an animal is ill and unable to speak, are good communication indicators, therefore it would be a terrific addition if the device could also decipher them. Should it be able to be worn, it ought to resemble a dog tag or other similar tag. A gadget like this will be very helpful in protecting endangered species, possibly even bringing them back to life, and showcasing their beauty to the next generation. Maybe even a hint as to how to bring the dinosaurs back to life.

  • A Miracle Treatment for Every Illness

A panacea, so named after the Greek goddess of universal healing, is something that mankind have long desired. Not only can this all-purpose cure address basic human health issues, but it can also offer hope to those facing serious illnesses like HIV and cancer. People will no longer be afraid about new diseases emerging, and everyone will live in peace. Even while there are medications like penicillin that can treat a variety of ailments, no known product can completely prevent or cure every illness that affects the body. But if there was a cure, people wouldn’t require sophisticated medical prescriptions, which would enable us to live longer, enjoy more, and eventually have a higher quality of life.

  • Cars That Fly

The inconvenience of being stranded in traffic is something we can all relate to. What a frustrating experience this is! particularly if you are unable to miss a big obligation. Imagine your head filling up quickly with ideas. And the complete gamut of possible feelings, such as rage, grief, and anxiety. Your anxiety may be running wild. Furthermore, there is little you can do to change the circumstances. It is for this reason that I have no doubt that individuals constantly fantasize about finding a quicker and more convenient way to travel. They have all been portrayed in films. automobiles that are taking off into the sky at a high speed. Riding in one would appeal to everyone. For now, they might just be made up, but who knows? They might materialize soon. They say it won’t happen in this lifetime, but it might in the next. When it occurs, it will be a fantastic creation that brings joy to a large number of people.

  • Journey at the Velocity of Light

The capacity to travel at the speed of light is one invention many people hope to see but have not yet seen. Consider how time-consuming space exploration really is, despite how thrilling the idea may sound. Currently, it takes us approximately 7 months to go to Mars and nearly 10 years to reach Pluto, which is our solar system’s furthest planet from the sun. Reality demonstrates that, other than a few exploratory trips, space travel is not feasible. There would be a plethora of prospects for exploration, mining, colonization, and an easier search for life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond if humanity could create a means to travel faster than the speed of light. It would take 4.6 hours to reach Pluto instead of 10 years. The closest star to our solar system, Alpha Centauri, would take 18,000 years for the fastest probe now in use to reach there. Traveling at light speed would reduce this to 4.4 years!

  • Boards for hovercrafts

Although we have seen them in science fiction films, I don’t understand why it has taken so long for a real hoverboard to be developed. The internet is a prime example of how many other gadgets that we originally saw in films have become a part of daily life; society would not be able to function these days without them. But just think of the issues that could be resolved if we could just hop on our hoverboards and fly off to the workplace or down to the grocery store instead of having to jam the roads with our cars every day. All of our lives would be improved by the extra space we could use for parking, the time we would save by not having to deal with traffic during rush hour, and the environment would also gain from more efficient transportation. The only possible drawback is that, until we all get used to riding our new hoverboards, we might need to use part of the salvaged automobile parking space to construct new hospitals.

  • Batteries that Charge on Their Own

Larger and better batteries are added to laptops and smartphones every year, but there never seems to be enough of them. Whether your battery lasts for a day or a week, it will eventually run out of power if you don’t charge it. However, one of our most common modern grievances will vanish quickly when battery technology becomes really self-sustaining, whether that be through some type of enhanced solar, kinetic energy, or something we haven’t worked out yet.

  • Alternatives to Antibiotics

Antibiotics are progressively poisoning people from the inside out, and if they are used continuously over time, they might cause diseases like cancer. For this reason, people need a potent antibiotic alternative. Despite the fact that it is taking lives, people must still consume it to feel temporarily relieved. Something more innovative is needed in our world to replace antibiotics in medical treatment, something that won’t hurt individuals even if they take them on a daily basis. Phage therapy has been suggested by a number of studies as the solution, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. To prevent the deaths of millions of people from antibiotic-resistant infections, we need to discover a cure for them.

  • Machine for Healing Heartbreak

I disagree with the main character of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind who thinks that a machine or potion should be able to help someone forget about a previous relationship. But since sadness is never a pleasant experience, I do think there should be a medication that you can take to minimize the sting of a broken relationship and to instantly heal a heartbreak. For this tonic, strawberry flavoring would be perfect.

  • Ironing and folding clothes while washing clothes

Everyone despises folding and ironing clothes. With the ability to dry, iron, and then fold clothes, just think of how helpful a washing machine would be for home tasks. All you have to do is load the laundry into the washing machine, let it air dry, iron it, and fold it. Saving hours, as well as the chance to do away with the ironing board altogether. Now that we have vacuum cleaners that can drive themselves and dishwashing machines that can concurrently mop the floor, it’s time to elevate doing laundry to a whole new level. And trust me when I say that people desire this.

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Daniel Macci
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