Why Choose My Swiss Company For Your Business In Switzerland

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Beginning the process of establishing a holding company or firm in Switzerland might be challenging. Ability and experience are required to effectively explore complex legal, monetary, and administrative issues. Expertise and experience are needed to successfully navigate complex legal, financial, and administrative issues. My Swiss Company can help with this. 

Through the Swiss Company brand, which is owned by Swiss Financial Company & Trust SA and is a prominent supplier of all-inclusive solutions for business creation and administration, My Swiss Company specializes in assisting holding corporations and businesses to establish a presence in Switzerland.

Why My Swiss Company

My Swiss Company formation brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table with a firm foundation in the business and financial sectors. The full range of services required to launch your trade in Switzerland can be delivered to you by our group. We need to create the method for you as consistent as possible, and we are aware of the extraordinary requirements and challenges that come with entering the Swiss market. 

At My Swiss Company, we provide knowledgeable counsel on legal, tax, and administrative issues. Whether you require assistance with tax compliance or advice on negotiating the complexities of Swiss business legislation, our knowledgeable experts are available to help. In order to construct your company’s financial foundation, we also help you open bank accounts, which is a key step.

One of the most important services we provide is our domiciliation service. By assisting you in acquiring a premium address and private offices in Switzerland swiftly, this service will improve the credibility and image of your business. A Swiss address gives your company an air of professionalism and credibility, positioning you for success in the Swiss market.

What Does My Swiss Company Offer

My Swiss Company offers you a wide variety of siting options while operating in key locations including Lucerne, Zug, and Geneva. We can help you locate the appropriate site that satisfies your business goals, whether you desire to be in the center of a busy business center or surrounded by Switzerland’s stunning scenery.

We also provide fiduciary services 2.0, which makes use of cutting-edge technology to deliver high-performance tools, in addition to our basic services. Your information is accessible to you in a clear and transparent manner at all times and places thanks to our secure monitoring platform. You are able to make well-informed business judgments thanks to this web platform’s effective communication and real-time visibility.

We provide extra resources to support your business operations as an additional supplement to our platform. Your vital digital papers can be stored in our digital safe, which offers a secure and private location. In order to ensure that your sensitive data is handled with the highest care and security, we also offer hosting and forwarding services for confidential information and documents.

Global clients from different nations choose My Swiss company to assist them in establishing their businesses in Switzerland. We have successfully helped about a hundred businesses, including those from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the United Kingdom, Central and South America, the United States, Canada, North Africa, Asia, and a number of Northern and Eastern European nations. 

We are ready to address the different needs of our clients much appreciated our skills, in-depth understanding of other societies, and familiarity with languages including English, Spanish, and French. 


My Swiss Company is your reliable partner for setting up and managing your trade in Switzerland. We are committed to advertising comprehensive solutions that are particularly customized to your needs, supported by our significant experience and commitment to client satisfaction. For help achieving your business objectives in Switzerland, get in touch with My Swiss Company away.

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